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    The different between high-grade real rock and ordinary

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    What is the different between high-grade real rock and the ordinary rock?What kind of genuine lacquer rock can be classified as high-end? That is the real stone paint with high quality and artificial means. In Lingshou, rock slices can be divided into natural and composite rock slices, although the cost-effectiveness of natural rock slices is very high, but because of human factors, composite rock slices can be used in a wider range.
    What is the different between high-grade real rock and the ordinary rock?
    Schist granite lacquer (also known as schist genuine stone lacquer) is a new generation of water-borne environmental protection schist lacquer for wall surface which can show the characteristics of natural granite. It is made from natural colored sand, waterborne macromolecule resin and synthetic rock slice. It has super compactness, waterproof, anti-fouling, weather resistance, and a single gun colorful wonderful effect, completely comparable to the texture of natural granite.
    Natural rock fragments are a kind of decorative materials. The ores are processed by many processes such as selection, crushing, crushing, grading and packaging. After careful processing, the color is natural, without any dyes, with non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali-resistant, anti-insolation, no color and other characteristics. Its color retention, water resistance, simulation is very strong, crystal clear, sparkling crystal white, and has excellent batch resistance and cold resistance, hot non-sticky, cold non-brittle, colorful, bright, strong plasticity, is the production of real stone paint, furniture paint, granite paint an excellent partner, interior wall paint, three-dimensional strong new decorative materials Material.
    Composite granite slice is a kind of raw material of high-grade granite paint. Composite granite slice is imported from Lvtedan. It is composed of inorganic materials, polymer, non-ionic additives and surfactant. The color and shape of composite granite slice are completely similar to the color and size of natural granite material.
    The simplest difference is color and price:
    High-grade rock tablets are more expensive and more expensive.
    Ordinary rock slices are the most primitive and traditional product form. The price is similar to natural colored sand. They are natural and have less human factors, so the price is low.
    Because of its more color, high-grade rock can be decorated very well.
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