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    China vacation schedule in 2019

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    In the twinkling of an eye, there are only more than 40 days left in 2018. Dear friends, 2018, have you had a good time? For example... "Has the weight loss target set at the beginning of the year been achieved?" "Has procrastination changed?" "Have you been in love, married or born?" "What do you say about the trip?" Did you get a scholarship? Did you get a raise? "

    Encounter a holiday will affect the time of shipment, therefore, foreign friends, also pay more attention to this issue.

    How did the statutory holidays in 2019 be arranged?

    New Year holiday arrangement

    New Year's Day holidays in 2019 are three days, of which the holidays from December 30, 2018 to January 1, 2019 are vacations, and working normally on December 29, 2018 (Saturday).

    Arrangements for Spring Festival holidays

    The Spring Festival of 2019 is Tuesday, February 5. According to the regulations, the statutory holiday time for the Spring Festival is from New Year's Eve to the sixth day of junior middle school. It takes 7 days off. On February 2 and 3, 2019, it needs to go to work.

    Holiday arrangements for Ching Ming Festival

    Qingming Festival just happened to last weekend. In essence, it was a day off. This happens every year!

    2019 Qingming Festival is April 5th, Friday. 2019 Qingming holiday arrangement: April 5th (Qingming Festival) -4 7 (Sunday), a total of 3 days off.

    Labor Day holiday arrangement

    This statutory holiday is rather bad, because a week or 7 days before the holidays. April 27th and 28th (Zhou Liuri) rest at work!

    There are 3 days off from April 29, 2019 to May 1st. May 1st (Wednesday) is a statutory holiday for May 1 International Labour Day.

    Arrangement for Dragon Boat Festival holiday

    The Dragon Boat Festival in 2019 is on Friday, June 7th, and even on weekends. In fact, it is another day. So the 2019 Dragon Boat Festival holiday arrangement: June 7th -6 9, a total of 3 days off.

    Arrangements for Mid Autumn Festival

    2019 Mid Autumn Festival holiday arrangement: September 13, 2019 -9 15, a total of 3 days off. The Mid Autumn Festival is Friday, September 13th.

    The Mid Autumn Festival is like the Dragon Boat Festival. It does not rest with weekends.

    Arrangements for National Day holidays

    October 1, 2019 to October 7th, 7 days off! I will go to work in October 8, 2019. Among them, September 29th (Sunday) and October 12th (Saturday after the holidays) need to rest at work.

    These are the schedules for the holidays in 2019. There are seven holidays in total. If there are any changes, please refer to the latest announcement. However, the Lunar New Year is still in February 2019, and there are nearly 80 days left. Valentine's Day is good news for single people just after the Spring Festival. After all, I've been watching other people for so many years.

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