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Seeking Breakthroughs through Innovative Development, Promoting Transactions through Digital Marketing

  In recent years, Tiger Head has continued to carry out overseas online marketing projects, optimized the layout of online channels, driven the digital transformation of enterprises through the promotion of new era’s network technology. Those moves above help company expand their international market, also enhance the amount of transaction, so as to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade in the "Internet +" era. Since the start of the project, it has successfully developed new customers in many overseas countries such as Rwanda, Mauritius, Algeria, etc. The cumulative order has exceeded 2 million US dollars, which covers dry batteries and storage batteries. Some new customers have formed continuous return orders as well.

  Not only gaining opportunities in crisis, but also seeking breakthroughs through innovation and development. With the Covid-19 epidemic is raging around the world, the traditional ways of developing new customers such as visiting the overseas market and attending overseas offline exhibitions cannot be carried out normally. Tiger Head seeks development opportunities and sorts out new ideas for brand online construction in order to break through the predicament with facing a lot of difficulties. With continuous efforts, we will continue to carry out global marketing and promotion through "Tiger Head marketing website construction + search engine advertising and optimization + overseas social media operation", regularly do a good job in project analysis and optimization, also smooth the path of online conversion inquiry. Strengthen communication and interaction with customers, follow up with customers in a timely manner, and promote order conversion. Recently, the project has progressed to a higher level. Under the opportunity of the RCEP tariff preferential strategy, the company has increased cooperation with countries along the “Belt and Road”, and has successfully transformed new orders for OEM dry batteries from new customers in Thailand through the online layout of the Tiger Head marketing website. At the same time, storage battery project team also reported good news in February, which has successfully developed a fresh order for batteries from a new customer in Algeria.

  In the future, Tiger Head will continue to strengthen online brand building, optimize online channel layout, strengthen potential customer resource management, also strengthen precise international market expansion through multiple channels and dimensions.