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Based on the New Pattern, Open up a New Journey——A New Breakthrough Achieved by GZ Chemicals in Market Development from January to February

  Entering 2022, with the impact of COVID-19 having not yet receded and facing the severe foreign trade situation, GZ Chemicals operates steadily and makes progress in accordance with the groups strategic deployment. As of February, our operating revenue and total profit have increased by 38% and 27% respectively on year-on-year basis, among which, the market development effect has made new breakthroughs. By the end of February, the scale of global export newly developed has increased by nearly 8 times on year-on-year basis, and the RCEP regional export has increased by 133% on year-on-year basis.

  In the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan", GZ Chemicals will focus on the core product line to achieve key breakthroughs, take well-targeted steps surrounding key projects and main product series, open up upstream and downstream channels, and continue to explore and build product series groups.
  Firstly, GZ Chemicals will deepen the global trade layout, focus on the development in RCEP region. Taking existing customer groups as the point of focus, we will give full play to the regional advantages of RCEP in the mean time, strengthen the penetration to regional industries and customer relationship chains, and restore and strengthen the cooperation with old customers while strengthening the development of regional downstream end users.

  Secondly, GZ Chemicals will strengthen the construction of supply channels, and cling to the market opportunities. With key products as the breakthrough point, we will reach cooperation successfully with leading domestic chlor-alkali enterprises while maintaining daily cooperative relations with suppliers. Seizing successfully the market conditions of chlor-alkali products at the beginning of the year, we will rapidly expand the scale of export to Indonesia, Vietnam and other places, and will increase the export of chlor-alkali products to RCEP region by nearly 7 times.
  Thirdly, GZ Chemicals will take advantage of the channels to promote regional goods circulation. Taking cooperative relationship as the basic point, while selling pharmaceutical chemicals to Cambodian customers, we will establish a cooperative relationship of two-way trade with them, purchase their finished products and then sell them to large pharmaceutical companies in India, Pakistan and other places, so as to march from the region to the world. We will achieve an increase in regional trade scale of pharmaceutical products by over 20 times from January to February on year-on-year basis.