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Strengthen the Epidemic Prevention and Control, Escort the Health of Employees——Tiger Head Company Organizes Nucleic Acid Tests for Employees

  In order to implement the requirements for the prevention and control of the COVID-19, also further improve the prevention and control of the epidemic after the Spring Festival, Tiger Head Company carried out nucleic acid tests for employees after the Spring Festival. The staff of relevant departments maintained order on site and organized employees to conduct tests in order.

  The tests were carried out successively at the south gate of the factory and Tianying Conference Room. Waiting area, information verification area as well as sampling area and so on were set up there. Employees waiting for tests consciously wore masks and went through procedures such as identity verification and nucleic acid sampling one by one. In the sampling area, medical staff wore protective clothing offered nucleic acid test for 313 employees in strict protective requirements. All the steps of nucleic acid testings were operated in strict accordance with the standardized procedures. The staff had a clear division of labor, acted quickly, and cooperated closely. All parts were smoothly connected and measures were taken rightfully. After the tests, the results of all tested employees of the company were all negative.

  Completing the nucleic acid tests for employees is another important deployment based on the original epidemic prevention and control measures, which adds a security guarantee for the health of employees and the safe operation of the company. In the next step, the company will continue to spare no effort to firmly establish a long-term working regulation to defend COVID-19 consistently.