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Guangzhou Eagle-coin Worldwide Online Exhibition——Guangzhou Eagle-coin attended 129TH Online Canton Fair

  The 129th online Canton Fair was held from April 15 to 24 successfully. Guangzhou Eagle-coin Food Group CO.,Ltd. has upgraded its website and added VR showroom, making the customer feel like he(she) is at Conghua Cultural Exhibition Hall instantly. Besides, Guangzhou Eagle-coin also updated the hardware of the live studio, and built a live studio with the concept of a "modern kitchen" ; and arranged live stream of products such as canned food, frozen chain and biscuits, using Chinese and English live broadcast way.
  In order to make all customer have a better knowing of Guangzhou eagle-coin’s enterprise culture& the brand history, we added the VR showroom at online fair. Just click of a mouse or touch the screen, visitors can visit showroom like they are standing in front of cultural wall of Conghua base. Which has greatly enhanced the Eagle-coin brand promotion and corporation’s image. 
  In the live site layout, we emphasize the concept of modern kitchen, live studio design into the kitchen scene, through the live cooking process to let customers fully understand the product’s features and attractive points. 
  Besides the best-selling classics, the new products we have vigorously developed and promoted this year also appeared in online fair, including the frozen-chain series of fish balls and fish cakes, and a butter soda from the "Zhishu Dali" biscuits series. Cross-departmental colleagues play to their respective strengths, becoming food chef and help us bring the delicious to the screen. 

  During the online fair, the Leader of the Light Industry and Trade Group went to the live studio of Eagle-coin, watched the live stream of our biscuit products, who praised and encouraged us to make a better show in future no matter online or at scene. 

The Leader of the Light Industry and Trade Group visit the live studio of Eagle-coin

Foreign trade department colleagues at live studio scene