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    Processing Ochre Particles

    Product color: purple, black, white, pink, chocolate, brown.Product Specifications: 6-10 mesh, 10-20 mesh, 20-40 mesh, 40-80 mesh (others can be customized)
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    Product color: purple, black, white, pink, chocolate, brown.
    Product Specifications: 6-10 mesh, 10-20 mesh, 20-40 mesh, 40-80 mesh (others can be customized)
    The main purpose of the gangue granules is ornament decoration, such as stone beads necklaces, bracelets, headdresses, pendants and so on.
    Followed by it can also be used for health products, such as mattresses, car seats and mobile phones. Its health care function is developed by many industries, so the market is very large in the future.
    Product Information: This product can be made into different styles according to your preferences.
    Product Description: As a precious rare element, it is almost impossible for the natural world to find an independent deposit. As a high-tech material, it is used in fiber optic communications, defense technology, aerospace technology, health care, geological exploration, chemical engineering, catalysis, and semiconductors. The application of materials and other fields has become increasingly widespread. Especially in today's explosion of the knowledge economy, the research of high-tech science and technology has become increasingly in-depth and extensive, and the application fields of germanium materials have also expanded and the usage has increased greatly.
    The effectiveness of cesium: Scientists pointed out that helium is involved in the functions of human body such as metabolism, energy conversion, antibacterial ability, cardiovascular, nervous and reproductive functions.In traditional anti-aging Chinese medicines such as ginseng, ganoderma lucidum, and wolfberry, the contents are high, and it is believed that the anti-aging and pharmacological effects of ginseng are related to the content of lanthanum.
    After the 1970s, as the results of research became clear, organic emerged as "a new star in the medical world." Since then, people no longer regard  as a pure semiconductor material. Antimony can be anti-virus, kill bacteria, enhance human immunity, stimulate white blood cells, regulate cholesterol, contribute to the improvement of human health and prevent disease. The standard far-infrared wavelengths that are beneficial to humans are 8 - 12 μm, and Xenon is emitting the far infrared rays closest to the standard. In addition, it contains silicon, oxygen, sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, aluminum, and other minerals required by the human body, and therefore has a great effect on prevention of adult diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, circulatory disorders, and neurological disorders.
    The main efficacy of the product: Excluding residual rubbish and heavy metals in the body, activating the cells, detoxifying the skin, eliminating fatigue, improving the quality of sleep, dredging the meridians, alleviating various types of human neuropathic pain, cold and cold wind, relieving back and joint pain, and dilating microvessels Promote blood circulation and improve human immunity.
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